Office Hours Information

Office Hours for every class is posted on Canvas and listed on the syllabus.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are office hours? 

Office hours are scheduled times outside of class that Professors set aside to meet with students. During office hours, you can discuss the material being presented in class or other related interests you have. Some examples of how you can use time with your Professor during office hours:

  • Ask for extra help
  • Bring questions about the syllabus, upcoming assignments, due dates, grades, etc. 
  • Seek clarification of material presented in class and follow up on aspects of the class you find compelling
  • Discuss majors and programs of study, graduation requirements, etc. 
  • Ask for clarification on your grades
  • Discuss summer internship opportunities, graduate schools, campus events, and much more.

You are not required to attend office hours and have the autonomy to decide if/when you need or want to participate.  You will be expected to lead the meeting with your questions and thought. Office hours are there to benefit YOU, so think about how the Professor can be useful and helpful in your studies and academic success. 

When should I go to office hours?

Your professor will have posted office hours – in my case for this class, I have my office hours every Wednesday (12-1:30 PM) and Friday (10-11:30 AM). This means that I will be in my office during those times and you can show up at any time within those hours to talk to me. Additionally, you can also make an appointment. 

Some professors might not have set weekly hours and only see students by appointment. Regardless, it is always a good idea to send your professor an email before showing up to office hours to let them know you are coming, but it is not necessary. 

How can I use it effectively? 

Again, office hours exist to benefit you, so it is a good idea to ask yourself how you can use them effectively. Some tips: 

  • Check your syllabus and Canvas to see if your questions are answered somewhere else
  • Keep a list of questions about the course that you can easily access during office hours 
  • If you have an appointment, be on time! 
  • Make sure you understand what is being discussed and ask for clarification if you are confused – don’t be afraid to ask to repeat the information or further explanation. 
  • Be honest about your learning needs. If you are struggling, it is my job to find ways of assisting you. 
  • Don’t wait until finals week! Although it is better to go than to skip it altogether, it is usually the busiest time and other students might be interested in office hours as well.
  • Go to office hours well in advance of a deadline, do not wait until the last minute to go. your professor will be able to help you more if given more time.

What are some examples of questions I can ask and start off the conversation with my professor? 

It is a great idea to have some starting questions to lead the conversation with your professor. Here are some examples: 

  • I’m having a hard time finding a topic for the paper assignment. Can you please offer some guidance?
  • I’m worried about my grades in this class, what can I do to improve?
  • How can I avoid some common mistakes in this assignment? 
  • This particular topic was my favorite in the class. Can you recommend resources for further reading?
  • I am interested in going to graduate school. Can you tell me a little bit about your experience and how I could get started in the process? 
  • I’m not sure what I should major in it. What are some of my career options in this field? 

Can I use office hours to connect with my professor? 

YES, and you should. Particularly in larger classes, we often do not have the time to connect in the classroom. It makes a huge difference getting to know our students one-on-one – it is helpful when asking for recommendation letters for graduate school and scholarships, for example. If for any reason you do not want to take advantage of office hours, there are other methods of connecting with professors, including talking before or after class or sending an email. 

Your professors can be great mentors and advocates for you. If you are curious, you can always ask me about my specialty, interests, side projects, and ongoing research projects, and let me know if you would be interested in potential opportunities to get involved with research activities. 

I cannot make it to your posted office hours. Can I schedule an appointment? 

Yes, you can schedule an appointment using this link or by emailing me.