Manuscripts under review

  • “Understanding the Role of Regional International Organizations in the Implementation of International Norms: The Case of Domestic Violence in Brazil” – Revise and Resubmit at Latin American Policy
  • “Collective grief and digital fieldwork during COVID-19: reflections on the emotional aspect of the field”- Special Issue under review at PS: Political Science & Politics

Manuscripts in Preparation

  • “Diasporic community engagement: exploring the meanings of community and the role of diasporas in CER”
  • “Sports, Gender, and Social Movements: A Feminist Perspective on Soccer in Brazil”
  • “Hashtag Activism: #EleNão and #NiUnaAMenos as Latin America feminist mobilization”
  • “’I love Brazilian women’: an autoethnography of the sexualization and racialization of Brazilian women in the U.S. context”

Web-based Publications

Book Chapters

  • Turbino Torres, Luisa. 2015. “International Law and International Relations in China” (Originally published in Portuguese). IN: Ramos, Marcelo Maciel, and Fabrício Bertini Pasquot Polido (ed). 2019. Direito Chinês Contemporâneo. Almedina.

Journal Reviewer   

  • Revice – Revista de Ciências do Estado, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (ISSN: 2525-8036)
  • Revista Científica Foz, São Mateus – ES, Brazil (ISSN: 2594-8849)